Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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How an Electric Toothbrush Creates An Electric Smile

Use these tips to choose the best best electric toothbrush.

1. Effectiveness
- A Rotation Oscillation electric toothbrush has been proven to work the best.
- Vigorous Bristle Motion helps to scrub your teeth more thoroughly.

2. Bristle
- A Soft bristle works best to clean without hurting your gums or affecting your enamel.

3. Handle Size
- A Light weight handle doesn't tire your hand/arm.
- An Easy To Grip handle keeps your fingers from cramping.

4. Cost
- Don't pay for features you won't ever use.

5. Expert Opinions
- Dentist Recommendations validate how well the toothbrush works from studies and doctor experience.
- Positive User Reviews tell you how likely you will like the toothbrush.

6. Environmental Concerns
- To be eco-friendly, you should verify that your toothbrush can be easily and safely disposed of.
- Disposing of small electric toothbrush heads consumes less land fill space than a regular toothbrush.

7. Safety
- Make sure your choice isn't too vigorous or your teeth might become Sensitive after prolonged usage.
- Electrical Certification is important because you are using the tool around water.
- If the toothbrush movement is too vigorous, there is a concern that you can chip a tooth.  Not a problem with rotation heads.

8. Power Source and Charging
- Low Voltage saves on your electric bill (every bit counts).
- A Long Battery Life keeps you from needing to dispose of the Electric Toothbrush too quickly (bad for land fills).  And, a quality battery keeps you from having to recharge too frequently.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

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7 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Technology Will Totally Disrupt the Real Estate Industry

You've heard of virtual reality / augmented reality and how this technology is going to change the world. But did you know they're already being used to massive advantage in the real estate industry? Over 1 billion people are expected to be using this technology by 2023 (just 6 years from now).

This cutting edge technology is being used to show prospective buyers and tenants through more properties, in less time.

It is being used to boost listing engagement as people spend more time looking through properties with virtual tours than any others.

Properties sell faster and for more money, and there are huge environmental and financial savings, because costly display homes are no longer needed when you can show a potential buyer multiple finishings all in virtual reality before anything is built on the ground.

With so many amazing benefits to virtual reality technology in the real estate industry, can you afford not to move forwards with this technology now? If you don't, your competitors surely will.

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