Thursday, March 2, 2017

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Coffee Bean Roasting, Take a Crack at It!

What are the different degrees of Coffee Bean Roast?

Unroasted - When you purchase coffee beans that are unroasted, they are referred to a "green" beans. This means that they have not been put to the flame by the farmer or the company that has packaged your beans. However, it is likely that your beans have had to make a trip from their tropical location to your front door. This means being stored for periods of time at around 72 °F.

Drying - Some farmers dry their beans after wet processing. This Drying step occurs at 329 °F, until all of the moisture is removed from the bean (just before first crack).

Cinnamon roast - One of the very lightest roasts is the Cinnamon roast (385 °F up until right at first crack). This leaves the coffee bean with almost all of its native flavors and aroma.

Light roast - The typical degree of roasting that occurs for coffee beans that are labeled Light roast (401 °F). Coffee beans that are roasted this lightly are more acidic.

American roast - The first stage of Medium roasted coffee beans (410 °F until after first crack). Drinker love the taste of these beans over Light because of lower acidity while maintaining much of the beans original complexity.

City roast - Often the just referred to as Medium roast. These beans are roast to complete full first crack at approximatley 426 °F. Sometimes people want just past first crack and call it City+ (435 °F). 

Full City roast - This is the first shade of Dark roasting (437 °F). As second crack begins, oils are released and can start caramelizing. At this point, the roasting flavor begins to overtake the coffee bean flavor. This is the degree of Dark roast that maintains the most characteristics of the original coffee bean.

Vienna roast - The oils caramelize more, the acidity begins to fade. The original flavors of the coffee bean have been transformed into thier roasted equivalents (original coffee bean flavors are all but lost at 446 °F).

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