Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Long Tail Pro Review

Biggest Mistake Beginner Bloggers and Website Owners Make

The biggest mistake that I see beginner bloggers and website owners make is creating content without doing proper keyword research.

You can write the most awesome blog post ever, but if there isn’t anybody looking for that content, you won’t have any readers.

The good news is that keyword research has never been easier and finding keywords in your niche that you can rank for is really quite simple with the right tool.

Long Tail Pro is the keyword research tool of choice for many of the internet’s top marketers and here’s why: Long Tail Pro fetches data from google to provide you with related keywords. It then assigns a keyword competitiveness number to the keyword based on the competition ranking for that keyword.

This allows you to conduct some in depth research into the keyword and find your competitors weaknesses.

Once you have pinpointed the weaknesses in the pages ranking on the first page of google, you can create your own page correcting those weaknesses and move up the google ladder!

Click here to learn more about how Long Tail Pro works.

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