Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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How an Electric Toothbrush Creates An Electric Smile

Use these tips to choose the best best electric toothbrush.

1. Effectiveness
- A Rotation Oscillation electric toothbrush has been proven to work the best.
- Vigorous Bristle Motion helps to scrub your teeth more thoroughly.

2. Bristle
- A Soft bristle works best to clean without hurting your gums or affecting your enamel.

3. Handle Size
- A Light weight handle doesn't tire your hand/arm.
- An Easy To Grip handle keeps your fingers from cramping.

4. Cost
- Don't pay for features you won't ever use.

5. Expert Opinions
- Dentist Recommendations validate how well the toothbrush works from studies and doctor experience.
- Positive User Reviews tell you how likely you will like the toothbrush.

6. Environmental Concerns
- To be eco-friendly, you should verify that your toothbrush can be easily and safely disposed of.
- Disposing of small electric toothbrush heads consumes less land fill space than a regular toothbrush.

7. Safety
- Make sure your choice isn't too vigorous or your teeth might become Sensitive after prolonged usage.
- Electrical Certification is important because you are using the tool around water.
- If the toothbrush movement is too vigorous, there is a concern that you can chip a tooth.  Not a problem with rotation heads.

8. Power Source and Charging
- Low Voltage saves on your electric bill (every bit counts).
- A Long Battery Life keeps you from needing to dispose of the Electric Toothbrush too quickly (bad for land fills).  And, a quality battery keeps you from having to recharge too frequently.


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